October 23, 2007

Cartoons From the Arab Press

MEMRI presents a sample of editorial cartoons from the Arab press, commenting on the status of women in Arab society. The introduction to the cartoons:

Although not constantly in the headlines, the status of women in the Arab world is an issue frequently addressed by Arab cartoonists. Cartoons published in recent months have approached the issue from various angles. While some have criticized the discrimination against women and women's inferior status relative to that of men, others have condemned Arab society for keeping women prisoners and for depriving them of their basic rights. Others have dealt with problems related to marriage, including husbands' violence against wives and the effect this has on the children; the phenomenon of marriage of older men and very young girls; and the ease with which Muslim men can divorce their wives.

Check them out. What it says to me is that societal change relating to the treatment of women will come eventually, but that cultivation of a free press will be crucial to helping bring it about. This is encouraging though.

Posted by dan at October 23, 2007 12:23 AM