October 19, 2007


An Anglosphere Future by Christopher Hitchens, City Journal; Autumn 2007

America has always provided its own toughest critics. In the (London) TimesOnline, Gerard Baker, "The U.S. is a great place to be anti-American."

I learned more about the Armenian genocide in this piece by Barbara Lerner than in anything else I've read on the subject. (A fairly low bar, I admit.)

Lebanon's pro-Western members of parliament are holed up in a fortified hotel, trying to stay alive long enough to complete presidential elections. In the L.A. Times, "Lebanon's Government by Murder"

Also in the L.A. Times, the story of the odd rush of Chinese-American busboys and dishwashers to contribute thousands of dollars to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

"Soros the Guiltless", at American Thinker. The man has issues.

WSJ; "What Happened at Haditha?"

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