October 16, 2007

Up 3-1

(Jhonny Peralta watches his 3-run homer go out to right field) (AP / Tony Dejak)

So far, the Indians are winning the battle of starting pitching, and the battle of bullpens, and they lead the ALCS 3-1.

Little things are going our way. Cabrera's hit catches a piece of Wakefield's glove going by, and instead of Pedroia turning two and ending a one-run inning, the Tribe socks them for seven. Pedroia's liner is snagged in the webbing of a fully extended Cabrera's glove instead of keeping the inning going with the big boys coming up.

For the second day in a row, the Indians scored runs without the help of Sizemore and Hafner, who went 0 for 7. But Casey Blake got it going with a home run, and for the third straight game Victor Martinez knocked out the Boston starter with a 2-out base hit in the 5th inning. With Blake, Lofton and Peralta, the Indians are getting offensive help from down the lineup, something the Sox haven't been able to do, with just two hits tonight after the cleanup spot in the order.

Asdrubal Cabrera played like he was 31 instead of 21, and as much as I like Pedroia's game and think he's deserving of ROY for 2007, I think the outcome there might have been different had Cabrera played the whole season in the bigs. What a find. For Eduardo Perez, no less.

And I guess the whole world knows about Rafael Betancourt now.


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