October 8, 2007

Worst. Trip. Ever.

Actually, it was great, but I had to get that line in there for the fellas.

I was honored to be invited to the 7th annual Myrtle Beach Open this past weekend as a replacement player for a last minute cancellation. The event is a four-day, 90-hole golf orgy planned and attended by my son's work associates and other friends and relations, totaling 16 guys, most of whom live in the Raleigh area, and trek down to golfer's heaven to see how they handle some of the top courses in Myrtle Beach while depriving themselves almost entirely of sleep.

While protocol prohibits me from disclosing much of what goes on at the MBO, it's fair to characterize the weekend recipe as roughly two parts golf to one part beer and one part poker, with occasional food. (It turns out it was also the annual "Bikers Weekend" in Myrtle, and as far as I could tell, their recipe was much like ours...minus the golf, poker and food. It also meant it was impossible to get a car into any of the Hooter's parking lots.)

With one exception the guys were about half my age, so 90 holes in four days probably wasn't as hard on them as it was on me, but I'm hurting in places where I didn't even know I had places. I have never crammed that much golf into such a short time span before, but I'll try to work myself into shape if I can play courses like we did this weekend....Tidewater, Myrtlewood Palmetto, Myrtle Beach National, Wild Wing and Shaftesbury Glen. Beautiful venues all. It was even worth giving up a ticket to the Indians-Yankees game on Thursday to make the trip down.

Another bonus was discovering that there are a few Wizblog readers in the group. Who knew such an animal existed? So I am hereby resolved to tailor more future content to interest groups like Virginia Tech, NC State and Georgia Bulldog football fans, Miller Lite drinkers, web developers and twenty-somethings.

Just kidding. I have no intention of doing any such thing. But consider this an official thank you for the invitation to join you guys...especially Kevin (Irv too), Detour, Rich, Ryan and Andy....great guys who really get after it on the golf course, and party off of it. As for me, I'm golfed out. I may not look at a golf ball for two weeks, and by then the snow may be flying here in Ohio...maybe just in time for the World Series?

And mark the calendars for Ohio State-VT in 2014 in Columbus. I'm working on tickets as we speak.

Posted by dan at October 8, 2007 11:56 PM