September 14, 2007

Once a Thug...

Good of O.J. to be cooperating in the investigation of an unusual exchange of merchandise yesterday, isn't it? A former associate had some Simpson memorabilia that O.J. apparently wanted badly, so Simpson and his entourage took it from him...reportedly at gunpoint.

One of Simpson's party had posed as a potential buyer, and the meeting was arranged. Afterwards, Simpson acted incredulous at the suggestion that it was a "robbery" of any sort, claiming the merchandise was his. Sort of a "citizen's arrest" type of thing then, I guess. Just trying to retrieve some stuff that rightfully belonged to him. A little vigilante sting need to involve the law enforcement community.

Simpson, who has apparently tracked Ron and Nicole's real killers to Las Vegas, may just need some cash to continue the search, and moving some old O.J. souvenirs might help out.

Allah's on it with a roundup.

UPDATE 9/17:

O.J. is arrested, and ESPN reports that an audio tape has surfaced from the hotel room encounter.

Ed Morrissey at CQ says O.J. may be "uniquely self-destructive", and wonders why it's still hard for us to just look away.

Posted by dan at September 14, 2007 8:13 PM