August 24, 2007

On Vick Hysteria

At the blog Friendly Fire, Earl Ofari Hutchinson says the Vick case is wildly overblown:

Countless numbers of pro football players have committed rape, physical assaults, and armed robberies They have been inveterate spouse and girl friend abusers, and have even been accused of a double murder (no not O.J., more on him later). Yet none of them have ever had an airplane fly over their training camp with a banner that read abuser, killer, robber, assailant, or thug. None have ever been taunted, jeered, and harangued by packs of sign waving demonstrators screaming for their blood when they showed up at the courthouse. None of them have ever brought the wrath of the entire sports world--sportswriters, fans, league officials, advertisers, sports talk jocks, and bloggers down on their heads. None have ever had senators, congresspersons, and packs of advocacy groups publicly demand that they be drummed out of their profession.

It is bizarre that Vick will probably spend more time in jail than a certain Baltimore Ravens linebacker who presided over the knife murders of two men. And speaking of getting drummed out of one's profession, we're tracking a rumor that Don Imus said today he doesn't understand all the uproar over a bunch of "furry-headed bitches."

I guess this is the spot for my personal statement of disgust at Vick's alleged crimes, just so no one gets the idea that I think gambling on dog fights and killing dogs aren't serious offenses. There now.

As for Vick playing in the NFL again after serving his sentence, I don't think there should be any restriction on it beyond his having to convince a team to sign him. But that would be a tough sell to the fans for any NFL team's management, especially given the level of outrage directed at the guy today.

Tonight there are news reports that the deal Vick has reached with federal prosecutors will not require him to admit either to gambling on dog fights, or to personally killing dogs. I do hope he doesn't get away with that, since his associates who have pleaded guilty to those charges are willing to testify that Vick did in fact do both of those things.

Posted by dan at August 24, 2007 12:17 AM