August 6, 2007

August 6 - Tribe in First

Now that the Tigers and Indians have come back to the pack, and the Yankees have come alive, it seems like the AL pennant race began in earnest this week. The Yankees come to Cleveland this weekend for one of those defining, momentum-generating series, in which the Eric Wedge teams of the last three years have, more often than not, taken the pipe.

Yes, there are 50 games to play, but we'll learn a lot about the Indians in the Yankee series. Do they consider themselves a playoff team? First up though, is a loose White Sox team that just swept the Tigers. Hold on tight. It's pressure every day for two long months. I love this.

Indians pitcher Paul Byrd, during his four-hit shutout over the Twins tonight:

"I walked over to Casey [Blake] and Victor [Martinez] and said, 'If you're not right with Jesus, get right with Him, because He may be coming back. I just got Morneau out twice."
Posted by dan at August 6, 2007 11:22 PM