July 23, 2007

Every Dog....

Hitchens says that for George Galloway...

The mills of justice grind with maddening slowness, but they do at least grind.

It has always been hard for me to take George Galloway seriously. I think it's because he looks so much like Harvey Kormann, that all I can think about when I see him is Hedley Lamarr.

But Galloway has been found by two separate investigations to have been on the payroll of Saddam Hussein while he was campaigning to end sanctions and leave the dictator in power. Evidence that is "undeniable" from the latest report from Parliament shows that, not only was he taking bribes to do the bidding of a tyrant, he was stealing from the Iraqi citizens he purported to be helping with his "charitable" front organization. To call the man a scumbag is to do a disservice to upstanding scumbags everywhere. More Hitch:

The "Oil for Food" program was the means by which the most vulnerable people in Iraq—the children, the sick, and the aged—were supposed to be protected from the effect of sanctions aimed at the regime. To have profited from its abuse or its diversion is therefore somewhat worse than to have accepted a straight-out bribe or inducement from Saddam Hussein. It is to have stolen directly from the neediest and the weakest, in order to finance a propaganda campaign that in turn blamed the West for the avoidable sufferings of Iraqis between 1991 and 2003.

And his bedfellows in the self-interested campaign to keep Saddam in power, mostly officials in France and Russia have also long since been exposed as the cynics and opportunists and liars that they are. The leaders of those principled governments who opposed the coalition's removal of Saddam have moved on, and have shown their true colors. More Hitch:

Just look at the gang that strove to prevent the United Nations from enforcing its library of resolutions on Saddam Hussein. Where are they now? Gerhard Schroeder, ex-chancellor of Germany, has gone straight to work for a Russian oil-and-gas consortium. Vladimir Putin, master of such consortia and their manipulation, is undisguised in his thirst to re-establish a one-party state. Jacques Chirac, who only avoided prosecution for corruption by getting himself immunized by re-election (and who had Saddam's sons as his personal guests while in office, and built Saddam Hussein a nuclear reactor while knowing what he wanted it for), is now undergoing some unpleasant interviews with the Paris police. So is his cynical understudy Dominique de Villepin, once the glamour-boy of the "European" school of diplomacy without force. What a crew! Galloway is the most sordid of this group because he managed to be a pimp for, as well as a prostitute of, one of the foulest dictatorships of modern times. But the taint of collusion and corruption extends much further than his pathetic figure, and one day, slowly but surely, we shall find out the whole disgusting thing.

It's all good.

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