July 6, 2007

Bush Expansion

BizzyBlog has some numbers on how the five year Bush economic expansion compares with other sustained periods of strong economic performance under other administrations. Let me add that, as an Ohioan who has concerns about politics and business, I'm finding my way to Bizzy Blog more and more regularly. Tom Blumer does a great job.

With a look at the kind of protectionism we can expect more of if the electorate continues to trend left, here's a WSJ editorial on how the Democrats now aim to hold previously agreed upon trade agreements hostage to their own meddling in the labor and environmental practices of our trading partner nations. The turnaround is attributed to the influence of Big Labor interests leaning on a certain powerful Democratic Senator.

A bit off topic, but...it's funny how little we hear in the media or from the political left in America any acknowledgment that the Europe they reflexively hold up as a societal model to be emulated is largely trending right, with Merkel and Sarkozy out front. And that shift is clearly interpreted as a corrective measure , away from the unsustainable policies that have failed them. A model that Europe has tried and found wanting is the model urged on us by Democratic politicians in the U.S. Someone tell me what's "progressive" about that.

Posted by dan at July 6, 2007 9:46 PM