June 19, 2007

New Al Durah Film

The Second Draft has released the third film in their series on the al Durah affair. The film, Icon of Hatred concerns itself with the incredible impact the images of the boy's death had on the escalation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and on shaping world opinion in opposition to Israel.

And if you are not familiar with the story, (and I find that many of my acquaintances are not, even those who are familiar with the images from media accounts), you may not know that there is a strong case to be made that the entire al Durah incident, including the boy's death, was scripted and staged by Palestinian propagandists.

If you have not seen the first two Richard Landes films in the series, it is recommended that you view them first, before seeing the new release. Pallywood is an exposé of the staging of battle scenes, injuries and deaths by Palestinian filmmakers and of how their willing dupes in the Western media present their creations as news. The second film The Birth of an Icon, focuses on the creation of the inflammatory video which purported to show the death of the young Palestinian boy, al Durah, in a hail of Israeli bullets.

You can view all three films in .wmv or high resolution versions at this link.

This Augean Stables post has links to YouTube versions of all three films (scroll to end).

This third film is perhaps the most disturbing of them all, when one sees all the death and mayhem that was inspired by this propaganda, including the use of al Durah's image in the filmed terrorist execution of Daniel Pearl. I'm reminded of something Gagdad Bob of One Cosmos said once, in response to the ubiquitous question "Why do they hate us?"

"Because they believe lies told about us."


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