June 11, 2007

China - Shift Happens

The last thing you expect in a column by the avuncular Mort Kondracke is alarmism, but he's just back from a trip to China and Tibet, and he's worried:

Every bit on a par with questions about Iraq, terrorism and immigration, interrogators of 2008 presidential candidates ought to be asking: What are you going to do about the challenge of China?

That’s because, I’m convinced after spending three weeks in China and Tibet, unless the United States gets its act together, our grandchildren will be living in a world dominated by the Peoples Republic.

China is simply inexorable in its pursuit of wealth, growth and power. It cares little about human rights, democracy, labor protections, fair trade rules or the environment. It is relentless in advancing its national interests.

Coincidentally, I ran across this video today (though I see it's been around a while), and it features some eye-opening statistics on the growth of China's population and their economy. More generally, it's about the great shifts currently underway around this shrinking world in demography, technology, education and employment.

Shift Happens

Posted by dan at June 11, 2007 9:07 PM