June 3, 2007

Darfur - Naming Names

Nina Shea says that genocide doesn't just happen. It is committed by people and organizations, and they have names. Principally, the name is President Omar al-Bashir, and the organization is his National Islamic Front (NIF).

Mark Steyn comments on American community activism groups concerned about Darfur, who are holding discussions, showing films and hosting native Sudanese dance demonstrations....but not advocating doing anything to stop the al-Bashir regime from killing people...(like Michael Ledeen's suggestion that we could take out all of the government airplanes and helicopters from the air.) Who was this activism for again?

...wouldn't it make more sense to try the Ledeen solution and save the Sudanese dance troupe for the post-victory party? "Salt Lake Saves Darfur" looks like doing wonders for "the greater Salt Lake community of compassion" but rather less for the people of Darfur. There is a grotesque narcissism in the determination of the Save Darfur campaign to embrace every strategy except the one that would actually save Darfur while there's anyone still left to save.
Posted by dan at June 3, 2007 9:09 PM