March 29, 2007

Ranking Ineptitude's David Schoenfield takes a stab at ranking professional sports franchises in the order of their overall futility. I always take a kind of sad satisfaction from seeing compilations of this sort, confident that my own personal psychic pain from a lifetime of following the Browns and Indians will be amply justified. Schoenfield's article was only halfway satisfying, however.

The one thing I was relatively sure about before checking out the list was that the Cubs and the Indians would be in the top five. Nope. Instead he ranks several expansion baseball teams (Padres, Mariners and Astros) as well as the Pirates, Phillies and Giants as more hapless than the Indians or Cubs. I don't get that...especially the Phillies, who won the World Series a mere 27 years ago. The Tribe goes back to the Truman administration for crying out loud. The Indians and Cubs can't even get the disrespect they deserve!

The Browns came in at #2, a hard-earned ranking, but somehow he figured the Buffalo Bills (who have played in four Super Bowls) were worthy of the top spot over the Super Bowl-less Browns. I realize it's an exercise in measuring overall suckage, not just championships won or lost. At least at #2, the Browns have an incentive to try harder.

Posted by dan at March 29, 2007 8:08 PM