March 21, 2007

Creatures of Habit

As a group, college basketball coaches are a superstitious lot. But Thad Matta is their standard bearer. From Pat Forde at

"He is the most superstitious person I've ever met," said Xavier coach and longtime friend Sean Miller. "It's really bizarre."

Matta might be bizarre, but he is not alone.

It is one of the great inconsistencies in sports: coaches are preparation freaks and slaves to superstition at the same time. Creatures of habit and cravers of control, they want to influence every moment and mannerism that may (or may not) affect an outcome.

Baseball is the karma capital of all athletics. But college basketball coaches aren't far behind.


I'm going to try to do some blogging from the Midwest Regional in St. Louis this weekend, including some photos if possible. The venue is the Edward Jones Dome, where the Rams play football, and I'm not sure how they configure the seating for basketball. I just hope we're not a half a mile from the floor. We'll be seeing Florida-Butler and Oregon-UNLV on Friday night, and the winners on Sunday.

And of course we're hoping to fly out there Friday morning with the Buckeyes already in the Elite Eight. Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl is wishing his Vols had not already played OSU once. scouts the Buckeyes. Here are some pre-game quotes for the OSU-Tennessee matchup from The O-Zone.

Posted by dan at March 21, 2007 11:53 PM