March 5, 2007

Time Travails

Time magazine, under new Managing Editor Richard Stengel, is trying to figure out what kind of magazine it wants to be, and more importantly, if anybody wants or needs to read a weekly newsmagazine at all anymore. Good read from New York Magazine:

“Mass class” is the needle-threading phrase Stengel has found to describe Time’s big, aspiring audience, which seems to mean a huge crowd of random middle-class people who are smart (but not too smart) and engaged (but not too engaged) and might buy a Toyota if they see an ad in Time—aspiring to be like readers of The Economist, but not so much that they’d subscribe to The Economist instead of Time.

Good luck. People magazine accounts for 40% of the profits for Time Inc., with Time at just 5%. Which might just tell you all you need to know about the American appetite for print news and analysis of...well, news, compared to their thirst for gawking at celebrity.

Posted by dan at March 5, 2007 8:46 PM