December 29, 2006

Do Justice - Disbar Nifong

I was glad to hear today that Stuart Taylor Jr., long a favorite of this blog, is writing a book on the Duke-Nifong case, along with KC Johnson. Isn't it time by the way, that the media stop calling it the "Duke rape case", now that it's clear no such thing occurred?...unless of course we're talking about the rape of due process and the presumption of innocence. Taylor and Johnson outline the events to date in an OpinionJournal op-ed.

The North Carolina bar filed ethics charges against Nifong today. I wonder who will file ethics charges against the Duke University administration and faculty for their conduct in this affair. It took them about five minutes to cancel the lacrosse season, fire the coach, and as much as pronounce the three rich, white boys guilty. The shame on them cannot be piled high enough.

Posted by dan at December 29, 2006 1:56 AM