December 19, 2006

Buying Freedom

The WSJ features the story of Rev. Phillip Buck, an American citizen of Korean origin who is working to save the lives of North Korean refugees by helping them to get out of China and into South Korea, in effect paying a ransom for each one. Buck served 15 months in a Chinese prison for his activities, but recently returned to Seattle, and will get to spend this Christmas with family in freedom. He says that getting word back into North Korea from former refugees about the freedom on the outside is one way to eventually bring down the Kim regime from the inside.

An article from The TimesOnline from earlier this month says the plight of the refugees is a "freedom or death" struggle.

I went to the comments section of the WSJ piece hoping to find information on how to contribute to Buck's effort, and a couple of commenters had the same thought. I did a little googling on it and didn't come up with a satisfactory answer, so I do hope Ms Kirkpatrick will respond with some information and/or links.


HRNK Report: The Hidden Gulag

2003 WSJ article

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