December 14, 2006

Map of the Internet

Find yourself on this Map of the Internet.

This site plots any IPv4 address on the map from last Monday’s xkcd comic. In other words, it shows where you lie in the structure of IP addresses — so your placement has more to do with the pecking order of the computing industry in the late 1980s than with actual geography.

Here's where the server hosting sits, for example, right there in a little corner of one of the North America segments. In my profound ignorance of most everything the creator of this site is talking about, (I thought I could find "last Monday's xkcd comic" in the stack of old newspapers in the corner), I am duly impressed with this representation of the whole enchilada, as it were. It's also amazing how much of this Internet "real estate" is owned by corporate America, and the U.S. governement.

Posted by dan at December 14, 2006 11:19 PM