July 22, 2006

Last Of Its Kind?

A Corner note by Andy McCarthy hit home...

You may not remember the name Uzair Paracha. He is a Pakistani who tried to help an al Qaeda operative named Majid Kahn enter the United States for the purpose of carrying out a chemical attack.

The Justice Department credits the Terrorist Finance Tracking Program (TFTP) with providing the intelligence that helped identify Paracha. As a result, he was convicted of providing material support to al Qaeda.

The TFTP, of course, was exposed by the New York Times and other newspapers last month despite bipartisan pleading that publication would harm national security. Yesterday, a federal judge in Manhattan sentenced Paracha to 30 years' imprisonment. Let's hope we have other ways of tracking the next Parachas and Kahns.

Posted by dan at July 22, 2006 12:17 AM