June 2, 2006

Sacred Numbers in MLB

Barry Bonds passed Babe Ruth and the world yawned. The home run records don't get the respect they once had. Parks are smaller, muscles are bigger, pitching is thinner. So what records mean something in major league baseball today? ESPN.com lets you rank them.

And then Jayson Stark gives you his Top Ten.

"If we take all home run records out of the argument, what are the 10 best records in baseball?" That's the question.

But by "best," we don't mean: Which ones are the hardest to break?

Look, even Fernando Tatis (two grand slams in one inning) has an unbreakable record. But it's not a record anybody cares about.

What we're looking for are the records people care about most. We're looking for the records that would create the most buzz if someone were closing in on them.

Posted by dan at June 2, 2006 11:23 PM