December 28, 2005

American Conservative Mind

Here is Jeffrey Hart's statement of conservative principles from yesterday's OpinionJournal that has (at least) the right half of the blogosphere buzzing. I was struck by his lament that, "embarrassingly for conservatives", environmentalism has become mostly an issue for liberals in this country. It is regrettable that environmentalism has become a cover for left-liberal anti-capitalism and anti-development agendas, and an excuse for expansion of government power, conservation being (well, duh) a conservative idea.

Browsing reaction to the Hart piece at The Corner, (lots of dissenting opinion, scroll on) I came upon another speech by novelist Michael Crichton, in which he continues his environmental myth-busting, and documents the ways that government has failed to be a good steward of wilderness lands over the years. Lots of great stuff here about understanding and managing complex systems, and the power of false information (a specialty of the modern environmental movement) to do great harm. Read it all. And check out other Crichton speeches here.

Yet more on environmentalism as but one of competing preferences, to put it in economic terms.

UPDATE 12/28: Here's a useful summary of the reaction to the Hart article by conservative writers, pundits and bloggers.

Posted by dan at December 28, 2005 2:02 AM