December 6, 2005

Talk Radio In Baghdad

An independent talk radio station in Baghdad is a huge hit with the Iraqi people:

Radio Dijla, which transmits to a 90-mile radius from a two-story villa on a sleepy residential side street in west Baghdad, gets up to 1,000 calls per day and more than 1 million hits a month on its Web site, according to the station manager, Kareem Al-Yousif.

"We want to bring people together, and make everyone feel welcome no matter who they are and what their viewpoint is," says Omar Fadhia Al-Azaouwey, the station's 28-year-old program director. "We give our listeners a topic to discuss, and then we let them call in and talk without interrupting them, as long as they're respectful."

(via Free Republic)

Posted by dan at December 6, 2005 11:23 PM