December 5, 2005

BCS Got Lucky

So the BCS came up with a compelling championship game in USC-Texas, and has marquis matchups up and down the bowl lineup, but something's still wrong with a system that matches up the #3 team in the country (Penn State), a team one last-second play away from being unbeaten, against a team that was unranked going into last Saturday (Fla. St.) , the human interest value of Bowden vs Paterno notwithstanding. Pat Forde reminds how close it was to an unhappy ending

...let's offer grudging acknowledgement to the Bowl Championship Series: It got it right.

It got lucky, too. We're a Michigan touchdown at the gun away from having Paterno and Penn State howling like Tommy Tuberville and Auburn in 2004. We're a Reggie Bush push of Matt Leinart away from a rhetorical firestorm over who joins the Longhorns in the Rose Bowl.

It's still a flawed system.

And a catch in the end zone by OSU tight end Ryan Hamby on Sept 10 beats Texas, and throws the whole thing wide open too. (Ryan, I love ya; the kid has taken so much heat it's ridiculous)

At bowl time my concerns are with the fortunes of the Big Ten, and the matchups this year look great.

Ohio State - Notre Dame
Penn State - Florida St.
Michigan - Nebraska
Wisconsin - Auburn
Iowa - Florida
Northwestern - UCLA
Minnesota - Virginia

I think Wisconsin, Iowa and Northwestern might be in over their heads, but I like the chances of the Big 3 in the Big Ten.

Posted by dan at December 5, 2005 11:20 PM