December 3, 2005

Arafatism Lives

An Israeli Arab Muslim reporter calls it like he sees it:

According to Abu Toameh, the greatest threat both to Arab Palestinians and Israelis is the scourge of corruption that is bred-in-the-bones of the Palestinian Authority. He insisted that the corruption of the Palestinian leadership is far more corrosive than any other single factor. And he blames Israel for creating the situation. The single worst move that created and exacerbated the conflict was when Israel brought Arafat and his cronies out of mothballs in Tunisia and set them up as a government for the Palestinian Arabs.

When challenged as to Israel’s “hidden agenda” in perpetuating the violence, Abu Toameh responded to the questioner:

“Explain to me what the Israeli occupation has to do with the total absence of a free Palestinian press;

“Explain to me what the occupation has to do with the Palestinian Authority funneling off $6.5 billion in international aid to their own personal bank accounts?

“Explain to me why, after years of misery and billions of dollars of aid money made available, not one hospital, not one housing project, has been built in the Palestinian refugee camps?

But hasn’t there been a dramatic change in the Palestinian Authority following Arafat’s death? The way Abu Toameh sees it, Mahmoud Abbas is probably a decent man, one who would like there to be real change and movement toward peace. But the problem is that although Arafat is dead, Arafatism lives.

(via Solomonia)

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