December 2, 2005

Iranian Dissidents Speak Out

A group of 674 Iranian personalities, "including former Members of the Iranian Majles (parliament), well known academics, political and cultural personalities as well as student activists, has "a word with the nation" by way of a joint statement released in November. Regime Change Iran has the full text, which is excerpted below. Powerful stuff. Here's to the Iranian democrats!

Today the government controlled media which operates on the basis of resources that are made available to it by our nation, is engaged in a boring and one sided propaganda campaign to praise and justify the current government and its policies, in the futile hope that they may succeed in 'brainwashing' the Iranian nation. The majority of newspapers, media and web sites who are critical of government policy have either been shut down or severely censored by the regime (filtering in the case of the web sites). This is at a time when all newspapers sympathetic to the government are left completely free. There are also those amongst the media who while fearing death have resorted to committing suicide, as in the case of those newspapers who fearful of government intervention, themselves resort to a policy of self censorship in the hope of sustaining their operations.

Meanwhile the foundations of religious belief amongst the people have been seriously undermined and in some cases severely damaged as a consequence of the actions of those who have abused religion in order to lie and perpetuate injustice. The unchecked rise in drug addiction, the devaluation of personal and family values, murders, suicides, political assassinations (such as the 'Chain Murders'), illegal and uncalled for interference in the rights and privacy of citizens, as well as the growing disillusionment and unhappiness amongst the country's younger generation and many other such complaints are all part and parcel of the actions of the ruling clique in the socio-cultural arena.

In the economic sphere, growth of corrupt monopolies, rising unemployment and inflation, the continuing brain drain, money laundering, rampant corruption - particularly on the part of those close to the centers of power, are all exacerbated by a flawed legal system that acts preferentially and without consistency in the case of those who have wasted or usurped the nation's national wealth. And finally in the international sphere, a damaging, confrontational and most alienating public and customary diplomacy which is oblivious of Iran's national interest and devoid of any thoughtful planning is yet another reminder of a defunct government that simply lacks the competence to address the many issues that are before it.

Posted by dan at December 2, 2005 1:31 AM