October 19, 2005

Pluto's Projections

I found myself agreeing with most of what Terry Pluto had to say about the 2006 Indians. I guess I hold out more hope than he does about our chances of signing Millwood. He thinks the guy's gone, and he's got more inside information than I do (more than none in other words) so that's not promising.

And he's OK with Peralta at shortstop, presumably for the long term. I have to agree that it makes little sense to move him to third base next year, because there isn't an obvious replacement shortstop in the system, but I still think he lacks range, especially to his left, and his long term future should be somewhere else on the infield. That relatively low total of 19 errors for a first year shortstop doesn't take into account all those balls hit up the middle that he never got close enough to to turn into fielding chances. I admit though, that I'm forever spoiled by Vizquel.

I think Pluto's absolutely right about the depth of the starting pitching coming up, although the ever-increasing pressure to win sooner instead of later means that Shapiro will go out and get a veteran starter if he loses Millwood. That means that guys like Fausto Carmona, Jeremy Sowers, Brian Tallet, Billy Traber and Jason Davis might not get the chance they probably would have had a year or two ago to show what they can do. I suspect a couple of them might be moved in a deal for a new right fielder. And Terry and I agree that we can't wait any longer to see Ryan Garko in the bigs. I suggested a year ago we should get him an outfielder's glove and start hitting him fly balls.

Posted by dan at October 19, 2005 12:19 PM