October 14, 2005

Common Sense For Democrats

Two Democratic Party activists engage in a study of their party, and make recommendations for its improvement. Makes sense to me. Unfortunately, as this Dallas Morning News article points out, "...several of their key prescriptions collide with the political realities of 2005." That's a nice way saying they refuse to do what would be good for them.

David Gelernter has examples of how the Left is instead actively engaged in political pursuits that reek of insincerity and phoniness, such as the Bill Bennett controversy:

Our willingness to traffic in such nonsense shows a dangerous tendency to disregard reasoning, logical context, the meaning of words. How else to understand the latest Bill Bennett story? It reads like science fiction — live from the planet Bozo, a man whose enemies know by magic that he actually means the exact opposite of what he says. (via RCP)

I would add to Gelernter's list the recent example of the embarrassingly transparent partisan prosecution of Tom Delay. Then you've got the divisive class warfare rhetoric, the bizzare antagonism toward the private economic sector which feeds the leviathan government they love, and the cynical race obsession that they somehow feel makes them look good and serves their party's interests.

And yet the Republicans are still engaged in a fairly close contest to see who can be the most politically tone-deaf.

Posted by dan at October 14, 2005 8:24 PM