October 5, 2005

One More Thing

Some people think that Apples latest "One More Thing" is a video iPod:

Appleinsider, a website that Apple threatened to sue because it was so accurate, said that the company "has begun production of a new version of its iPod digital music player that will be capable of playing videos".

According to the website, the new gadget was "similar to Apple’s 60 gigabyte photo player, but several millimetres thinner". But the familiar thumb-dial on the face of the music player has been replaced by a click wheel on the side, allowing the video iPod to have a larger screen.

Stephen Green has other ideas:

Most observers are predicting a "video iPod" that will play back video on a hand-sized device. Not me. I'm predicting not a video iPod, but rather an "iFlicks" service (they may or may not use that name) enabled by a new Airport-Express-on-steroids wireless widget with a video out, as well as a snazzy Apple remote control...for iTunes and iFlicks.

All this will enable Mac G5 owners to download high-resolution (but not HD, not yet) movies from Apple to their hard drives and play them back on televisions in another part of the house. G4 Macs won't have enough horsepower, this is intended partially to drive G5 iMac sales (so there goes the Mac Mini as an HDPC theory, at least for now), but mostly to establish Apple as the primary source for legal movie downloads.

In other words, Apple makes a bid to become the Blockbuster and Netflix combined of the 21st Century, without the inventory, bricks-and-mortar overhead, or shipping hassles.

At the moment, I'm not sure what video exists that I would need to take with me wherever I'm going, so I could watch it on a mini-screen. Maybe someday. Not soon.

Posted by dan at October 5, 2005 1:58 PM