October 3, 2005

NK Criminal Empire

There was a sort of Axis of Evil update the other day at FPM, a damning account by Patrick Devenny of the vast criminal enterprise run by the North Korean regime of Kim Jong-Il. I was aware that NK traded in missiles and nuclear technology, but was unaware of the large counterfeiting operation (in U.S. $100 bills) and the large-scale manufacture and sale of heroin, a particularly cynical strategy in that thousands of acres of arable land are devoted to poppy cultivation in a country where millions have starved, and a generation is chronically malnourished. Perhaps thinking wishfully, Devenny says that the way to eventually bring down the Kim tyranny may be to try undermining his criminal operations, cutting off the primary source of the foreign currency that funds the regime. Worth a click.

Posted by dan at October 3, 2005 10:46 PM