September 28, 2005

Chin Up

I'm not ready to panic yet. But I'm getting close. Amazingly, the Indians may still be in the Wild Card lead even after losing their third straight, since it appears that the Red Sox will cooperate by losing again tonight as well. I'll be there tomorrow, and I don't intend to have any voice left by the time the game is over one way or the other.

UPDATE 9/29: Well, I didn't lose my voice, partly because it was decided early tonight. Sabathia was fully in charge after some first inning trouble, and by the third it was 6-0 and essentially over. The White Sox winning the Division today makes them now just another team to beat this weekend to get into the playoffs. Maybe that's a good thing. Less pressure, less emotion. Just business. Two out of three guarantees the Indians a tie for the Wild Card. A sweep of the White Sox wins it, because any outcome of the Red Sox-Yankee series has to add up to three losses for them to divide between them.

A sweep by either the Yankees or Red Sox knocks the other out of the Wild Card assuming the Indians win at least two of three. And if the Red Sox win two of three they'll tie the Yankees (and possibly the Indians too, assuming we win two of three) In that event, the Red Sox, losers of the tie-breaker (based on season record head-to-head) will come to Cleveland for a one game playoff, probably Monday. If the Yankees win more than one of their three games, and the Indians win two, we're in. Got it?

Posted by dan at September 28, 2005 9:13 PM