September 27, 2005

VDH on Academia

In an essay from The Claremont Review of Books, reprinted today at, Victor Davis Hanson bemoans the state of the American university. Hanson takes four examples of sitting university presidents to illustrate his case that...

Hypocrisy, faddishness, arrogance and intellectual cowardice are among the ailments of the American university today, and it is hard to say whether even a great president could save higher education from its now institutionalized vices. Amid the variety of scandals afflicting the campuses, the one constant is how the rhetoric of "diversity" trumps almost all other considerations--and how race and gender can be manipulated by either the college president or the faculty in ways that have nothing to do with educating America's youth, but everything to do with personal aggrandizement in an increasingly archaic and unexamined enclave.
Posted by dan at September 27, 2005 3:06 PM