September 18, 2005

No. 1 For Romeo

Just wanted to congratulate Romeo Crennel for his first win as an NFL head coach. The Browns won a game that nobody in their right mind thought they would win, going up to the legendary Lambeau Field and knocking off the legendary Packers, led by the legendary Brett Favre, on the day the legendary Reggie White's number was retired.

OK, the Packers aren't the team they have been in recent years, but that hardly makes this victory any less huge for the guys in the orange hats. It was most encouraging to see the Browns refuse to get conservative with a two point lead and a first down with under four minutes to go in the game. They caught the Packers thinking run with under two minutes to go and stunned them with a 62 yard TD to the tight end. By the time Brett the Legend scored again, there were only four seconds left on the clock.

Kudos to Trent Dilfer who had a terrific game, matching all of Favre's numbers except for the Legend's two interceptions. Heh.

Here's Braylon Edwards pulling away from two Packer defenders on his 80-yard TD reception.


Posted by dan at September 18, 2005 10:10 PM