September 9, 2005

How Soon They Forget

From's "Page 2"

Browns (+3.5) over Bengals

When in doubt, take the points. By the way, do you think Trent Dilfer ever brings his Super Bowl ring into work to show his teammates, leading to the following exchange:

Rookie on the team: "That thing is awesome! What team did you win it on?"

Trent (proudly): "The 2000 Ravens."

Rookie: "Cool. Who were you backing up that year?"

Trent (proudly): "Actually, I started every game."

Rookie (breaking up laughing): "C'mon, man -- I know you start for us, but we suck! You didn't start for no Super Bowl champs!"

Trent (grimacing): "No, seriously, I did -- I started that year."

(Awkward silence. Finally...)

Rookie (breaking up again): "Get the hell out of here!"

Posted by dan at September 9, 2005 7:07 PM