May 24, 2005

Grady Stays

Grady Sizemore was supposed to be in Buffalo getting one more year of seasoning, or at least that was the CW until Juan Gonzalez came up with the eternal hamstring pull. But it has become quite apparent after 44 games that Sizemore has played his last game in the minor leagues.

He leads Indians starters in batting average at .276, and is tied for the RBI lead while batting mostly at the top of the lineup. He stole a home run tonight with his glove over the top of the centerfield wall, and hit one of his own to help keep the Indians in the game. Even with Jody Gerut back from injury now, there's no sitting Grady down.

Even in February, before all of the enthusiasm for a successful season had been sucked out of me by the White Sox incredible start and our offense tanking, I was convinced that Sizemore needed to play every day, since we weren't in a position yet to win it all. Little did I know then how far away we were.

Sizemore has a hell of a future. But as Victor Martinez can tell him, there are bumps along the road to stardom.

Posted by dan at May 24, 2005 11:16 PM