May 23, 2005

J.R. Brown Speech

Whether or not "The Deal" is a good one or a bad one for Republicans, I'm glad that several of Bush's key judicial nominees will get up or down confirmation votes in the Senate. And after reading this speech (in pdf format) by Janice Rogers Brown, I'm more convinced than ever that we need more thinkers like her in our judiciary.

That said, the Democrats' threats to obstruct and otherwise slow down all routine business and legislative action in the Senate were laughable. What more could they possibly do along these lines than they have been doing since November? Having agreed to rule out any rules changes outlawing the filibuster for judicial nominees, while leaving open the possibiliy of a future filibuster in some undefined "extreme circumstances", the GOP leaves themselves open to some serious second guessing. Haven't we already been treated to certain Democrats' definitions of "extreme"? Don't we know that their dirt machine is already digging?

(speech link via Conservative Revolution)

Posted by dan at May 23, 2005 9:21 PM