May 17, 2005


The United Nations thinks it's time for them to "refurbish" their New York City digs. They suggested the United States ante up an interest free loan for the $1.2 billion they say it will cost, eventually settling for a low-interest U.S. government loan. Power Line's John Hindraker runs some of the numbers , and it appears to be another "black hole" for member dollars, something of a U.N. specialty these days.

The U.N. appears to have overstated the square footage to be renovated by a factor of two, and now people in the office building construction business, Donald Trump among them, are looking at the cost projections and crying foul. This new post at Power Line adds another expert opinion to the growing public objection to this huge outlay of taxpayer money.

Posted by dan at May 17, 2005 9:16 PM