May 3, 2005

Buckeye Institute

A blog of interest to Ohioans concerned about public policy debates is the Buckeye Institute Blog, a service of the Buckeye Institute for Public Policy Solutions. Check out the main site here, and henceforth locate the blog on the blogroll at right.

The Institute conducts research and publishes articles in five policy areas; Education, Economic Growth, Health Care, Quality Growth, and Telecom Policy in Ohio. They publish an admirable Mission Statement and list of Core Values that emphasizes their independence and non-partisanship.

The decline of Ohio relative to other states in areas of jobs, business, schools, and taxation means that the debate on important policy issues needs to be broader, more inclusive, more substantive, and more civil. This organization looks to be a step in that direction.

Posted by dan at May 3, 2005 1:30 PM