April 11, 2005

Half Full

The Tribe opens at home Monday with a 3-3 record after Sunday's 7-6 win in Detroit, but so far they haven't looked like a team that's going to win 90 games. But 3-3 starts to look a bit better when you consider these three things:

1)They haven't played a home game yet.
2)They haven't had their best starting pitcher yet.
3)Several key hitters haven't started to hit yet (Martinez, Hafner, Blake)

A couple of other observations;
- Despite Wickman's one-game blowup, the bullpen looks to be way, way better than last year.
- I'm worried about his glove too, but I hope fans give Jhonny Peralta a chance before they start clamoring for Alex Cora to play short every day.
- I love Alex Cora.
- Josh Bard has to be the slowest baseball player since John Romano.

I realize it's ridiculous to begin looking for trends after only six games, but it's either that or work on my taxes. It's not too early to start on that, is it?

Posted by dan at April 11, 2005 12:10 AM