March 31, 2005

One of A Kind

They're calling him The Freak. AFC general manager said. "He's the best athlete in the draft. It may not even be close. Honestly, he's the most mesmerizing player I've ever evaluated."

"He was the best player in the SEC the past two years," said Ron Zook, the ex-Florida coach now at Illinois.

LSU coach Nick Saban said he "single-handedly won more games than any player in the SEC." South Carolina coach Lou Holtz called him the "MVP" of the SEC.

No, it's not Ronnie Brown or Cadillac Williams.

"It's amazing that a guy that big, that strong and that fast is all in one person," Florida's Tommy Jackson said. "It's not fair."

Chris Mortensen says that when Texas played Arkansas early in the 2004 season this guy was the best player on the field, which included Vincent Young, a 2005 Heisman favorite, and two sure-fire first-rounders Longhorns Derrick Johnson and Cedric Benson.

Mortensen's thinks this kid, who at 6'6", 242 lbs, runs a 4.37 40 yd. dash, and is smart, tough and "a winner" on top of all that, is the best player available in the entire 2005 NFL Draft.

Read his article, but first see if you can name The Freak.

Posted by dan at March 31, 2005 9:05 PM