March 9, 2005

Sgrena's Car and Related Updates

The Jawa Report, which has been one of the blogs leading the reporting on the Giuliana Sgrena incident, has a series of photographs up of the car that supposedly was in "a rain of fire and bullets", taking "300-400 shots". Michelle Malkin's blog is a great place to get the whole story, starting here for background, and then on to her latest update which has links back to preceding posts. And Jawa Report raises some great questions in this early post on the shooting at the checkpoint.

It seems to me that Sgrena's account of the shooting incident has more holes than the car, from which she claims to have "collected handfuls of bullets on the seats", none of which shattered any of the windows of the vehicle. Amazing shots, those Americans.

Posted by dan at March 9, 2005 11:59 PM