March 4, 2005

Election 2004 - State of Washington

An Investigative Report (.pdf docment) on the 2004 election for Governor of the State of Washington shows widespread fraud and an overall lack of integrity in the election process. (via Michelle Malkin) Here are some of the findings from the Executive Summary of the report by the Evergreen Freedom Foundation:

- Convicted felons have had access to King County’s election-related computer system.

- Homeless people with no proof of residency were allowed to list county buildings as their place of residence.

- Illegal aliens voted.

- An undetermined number of soldiers didn’t get to vote because they received their ballots late.

- At least 8,419 more votes were cast in five counties than the number of people who signed in to vote.

- People who have died are not removed from eligible voter lists in a timely manner. Numerous examples exist of dead people casting votes that were counted.

- On nine occasions, King County election officials discovered unsecured ballots and added them to the vote totals.

- Hundreds of provisional ballots were counted before determining if the individuals were even eligible to vote.

- More than 55,000 ballots were changed ("enhanced") by King County election workers, in some cases wiping out the original intent of the voter.

- Ballots were later found unsecured in voting machines, but they were counted.

- Hundreds of signatures on provisional ballots appear to be fraudulent.

- Voters’ privacy rights were violated when a King County judge ordered their names released to the Democrat Party.

- The Secretary of State certified the election on December 30, guaranteeing by doing so that it was "a full, true and correct representation of the votes cast for the issues and offices." He knew this was not the case.

Our report concludes, at a minimum, gross incompetence and negligence occurred in the election process, and in some cases, fraud was committed. (emphasis in original)

Democrat Christine Gregoire was named the winner after considerable post-election vote gathering by Democratic officials:

Rossi's initial 261-vote margin dropped to 42 following a state-required machine-run recount. In late December, following a Democratic Party-paid hand recount, Gregoire "won" by 129 votes.

Between the two recounts, King County "found" more than 700 ballots officials claim were wrongly rejected. They are included in the recount.

The person in charge of King County ballot integrity, a Democratic political appointee, can't explain why there are 1,800 more votes "cast" than there are people who actually voted. (also via MM)

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