December 22, 2004


Blogging has been light for the last few days, and that's likely to continue for a few more as Christmas approaches and our family is taking advantage of one of those increasingly rare opportunities to be together as a foursome.

I don't often drag my kids into this blog, because they might have to answer to someone for that association someday. But I'm sure proud of both of them, and this seems like a good occasion for some shameless bragging. Our 23-year old daughter is acting and directing with a Columbus, OH theater company that she co-founded as an OSU senior and has stayed with as a graduate. And our son is a computer engineer with IBM who will be heading to London this summer as a Webmaster for this project at Wimbledon.

So we're counting our blessings and enjoying our family time together. Hope you're all doing the same.

Posted by dan at December 22, 2004 12:43 AM