December 11, 2004

Worth Celebrating

John Podhoretz on the post-election lull in his email, and the beauty of the American electoral system...

Something amazing has happened that is worth celebrating, even if you hate Bush - or even if you're a political columnist wondering why your e-mailbox isn't anywhere near as full as it was 39 days ago.

The United States held its 54th presidential election on Nov. 2. And it worked exactly the way elections are supposed to work. Partisans and ideologues on both sides went at it hammer and tongs. The election focused both on vitally important issues and on the crucial matter of the character of the man who would be president.

The differences between competing camps received a full and complete airing, and in the process the passions of the electorate were fully engaged.

Then, on Nov. 2, the electorate finally got its chance to speak. And it spoke. It spoke more loudly than it ever had before, with 120 million Americans participating. The yearlong controversy was resolved seven hours after the last polling place closed (in Hawaii), when John Kerry graciously conceded.

A fight was waged, and it was concluded. The pressure built up to a nearly intolerable level and the election released it. It's the glory of our system, and maybe 52 days from now the Iraqi people will experience some of the same relief after they go to the polls for the first time as a free nation.

Here's hoping.

Posted by dan at December 11, 2004 12:42 AM