December 2, 2004

Davis Panic

A pretty good line from the PD's Bud Shaw this morning:

A report for HBO's Inside the NFL claims Butch Davis suffered a panic attack before Sunday's game in Cincinnati.

Five out of five doctors recommend that if you are seriously panicked over playing the Bengals, get out before New England comes to town.

Shaw compares the stress undergone by Davis for a week or so with the three years of nonstop grief that Bill Belichick endured here in Cleveland. Davis reportedly was worried about his health according to an interview he gave to Peter King of Inside The NFL, and says it is unlikely that he will coach anywhere in 2005. I guess I wouldn't either if I had a check for $12 million in my pocket and no place to go on Monday morning.

Yesterday the Plain Dealer published an early list of possible candidates for both the General Manager position and the Head Coach slot. For me, the priority in hiring a G.M. would have to be getting a proven player personnel evaluator. It's easy enough to identify and hire all the contract negotiators, salary cap gurus and face men you need for the front office later. The job of the G.M. is to evaluate and acquire talent for the coaches to coach. Since the Browns returned in 1999, they haven't had that guy. The Ravens' Phil Savage stands out as a candidate with an enviable track record.

Posted by dan at December 2, 2004 9:25 AM