October 19, 2004

Direction of U.S.- Israel Policy At Stake

Naomi Ragen, an American author living in Jerusalem, makes her case; "Why this Jewish American is voting for George W. Bush". (Via Free Republic) I'll not excerpt this, but suggest you read it all. It is emotional and strongly worded, but what about this election has not been? I'm reminded by reading it that this election is about so much more than Bush and Kerry.

I am not familiar with Ragen, but I can relate to her puzzlement at the support for Kerry among American Jews, despite their traditional affinity for Democrats. His voting record on issues affecting Israel, and on issues dealing seriously with terrorism shows he's no friend of the Middle East's only established democracy. (Before Bush, no qualifying adjective would have been needed there.) Here's Ragen's website , if you're interested.

And if you haven't yet done so, check out complete listing of the legislative product produced by John Kerry in his 20-year Senate career, documented here by factcheck.org. It would be laughable if we weren't a few rocks of crack cocaine away from putting him in the White House.

Posted by dan at October 19, 2004 8:21 PM