October 18, 2004

JHA vs. RFK Jr. Redux

Jonathan Adler, Case Western-Reserve University professor of environmental law, reviews Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s book, Crimes Against Nature, and finds it full of errors and distortions of the Bush administration's environmental record. No surprise there, but neither is Adler a shill for this administration where environmental policy is concerned.

Adler was also asked to write a "defense" of Bush's air pollution policies for the Philadelphia Inquirer, which he does rather persuasively (requires free registration). So many of the Democratic criticisms of the Bush environmental policies are short on specifics and long on scary rhetoric. Certainly there are legitimate criticisms to be raised and debated. But it takes so much less effort to claim that the sky is falling and by the way, Bush is Hitler.

Take a look at The Commons, a group blog promoting free market environmentalism, where Adler is a contributor. And here's the JHA archive at NRO, where you can see that he has a track record of successfully skewering the hyperbolic scaremongering of RFK Jr.

Posted by dan at October 18, 2004 11:58 PM