October 17, 2004

Aid And Comfort

Michelle Malkin links to a BBC report that says:

The commander of the UN peacekeepers in Haiti has linked a recent upsurge in violence there to comments made by the US presidential candidate, John Kerry.

Earlier this year Mr Kerry said that as president he would have sent American troops to protect Jean-Bertrand Aristide who was ousted from power in February.

The Brazilian UN general, Augusto Heleno, said Mr Kerry's comments had offered "hope" to Aristide supporters. Much of the recent unrest has centred on areas loyal to Mr Aristide.

More than 50 people have died over the past fortnight.

JK never did buy into that "politics stops at the waters' edge" stuff, even (especially?) in wartime. He was doing this 33 years ago, and hasn't learned much.

By the way, Michelle also has two excellent posts up dealing with the flu vaccine shortage and its causes.

Posted by dan at October 17, 2004 10:16 AM