October 11, 2004

50 Coolest Websites

They've been out for a while, and they're from Time Magazine so consider the source, but I found a few I'd agree with, and lots I didn't know anything about among the 50 Coolest Websites. I immediately added a couple of the reference sites to my blogroll, starting with RefDesk.com, a comprehensive portal-type site for information of all sorts. And FedStats.gov has tons of data that only the government can provide. Boring, but useful.

And Bloglines.com made the list too. I had asked my son a week or two ago what RSS aggregator he would recommend I download to organize and display updates from all my favorite blogs and news sites. He turned me on to Bloglines, a relatively new, web-based aggregator site that has a lot of cool features, eliminates the need to install an application, and is accessible from any computer. After a few days of experimentation, I'm sold. It's addictive. But now I'm afraid that I'll spend countless hours just reading blogs and sports sites, and news and magazine sites and...oh, wait...

Posted by dan at October 11, 2004 7:37 PM