October 2, 2004

A Blind Spot For U.S. Iraq Policy

Reuel Marc Gerecht fears that the insurgency in Iraq may well get worse before it gets better, precisely because of the U.S. policy of gradualism and Iraqification, not despite it. According to Gerecht, we have overlooked the growing religious fundamentalism of the Baathist Sunni Muslims that even the secular Saddam recognized and accommodated. The closer the country gets to an election that will institutionalize majority rule by the hated Shia Muslims, the more the insurgency is likely to spread to the mainstream of the Sunni citizenry. Gerecht is certainly no administration apologist. His analysis mixes almost equal parts of hope and dread. Read it all if you're interested in more than soundbites on the situation in Iraq.

Posted by dan at October 2, 2004 1:26 PM