June 15, 2004

Impossible Objects

From a man named John Rausch...


Is it a puzzle or is it a magic trick? Impossible objects are difficult to classify. They really aren't mechanical because they don't move (usually) and you don't manipulate any of their parts to solve them. You just look at them and think. And they aren't really a magic trick. There's no performer, at least not when you're dealing with the object. But they have the same "how did they do that" quality that a magic trick has. The puzzle is to figure out how they were made.

Okay, so I'm easily amazed. And as Coolios Weblog is the clearinghouse for all manner of marvels and curiosities on the Internet, I frequent the place when I'm sick of politics, the Indians are losing, I can't imagine blogging about anything remotely serious, and my alternative is television.

So I find myself playing this little game when I realize it's nothing more than a jazzed up knockoff of the classic Copter Game. Some time ago I required a 12-step program to overcome my Copter Game habit, an addiction which I blame entirely on Dave Barry. But that's another story.

Posted by dan at June 15, 2004 11:01 PM